Cari_Face.75x.75      Cari Pierce, CHC, CPT, CISSN, CFSC, CES

Hi there. I’m Cari. I’m a holistic health coach and personal trainer.

I’m someone who lived with health issues since childhood and chronic disease into my adult life until about 10 years ago. That was when I got fed up with taking prescriptions for various symptoms that never really made me feel better. I decided to make total health my goal and to rely on myself and everything within my control to start to feel not just better but my best. I changed the things I told myself. I changed the things I was doing. And, guess what, my health improved! Sleep matters. Stress management matters. Connection to people and purpose matters. Exercise matters. Nutrition matters. Go figure. Those where the prescriptive changes that brought me into healthy living and, in doing so, brought me to a happiness I didn’t know was truly possible.

But, trust. I was you. I am you. I’m a former smoker. A recovering alcoholic and drug addict. A former Cheetos and Diet Coke addict (and, no, when you eat things like this together they don’t cancel each other out). I ate fast food and junk food without care. I told myself lies. I disappointed myself. I disliked myself and doubted my worth. I know what pretending feels like. I know insecurity. And frustration. And hopelessness.

I also know the power of people. I know what it feels like to trust someone and open myself up to help. I know what getting real with myself and then with others is like (exhilarating and freeing, by the way). I know how healing a good sweat can be. I know how to take a bunch of random ingredients and come up with something delicious for dinner. And I know that health is about making the best choice for myself one decision at a time, in the moment.

Of course, there’s a bunch I don’t know and isn’t that the beauty of life? That there’s always more to be revealed. Like…I don’t know you. But I’d like to! If you’re ready to try it a different way than you’ve been trying it, allow me to be your advisor, educator, motivator and supporter—your trainer, your coach.

Come on. It’s time. FLIP YOURS!®


Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
Certified Health Coach, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
Certified Sports Nutritionist, ISSN
Certified Functional Strength Coach, CFSC
Corrective Exercise Specialist, The Biomechanics Method

Suspension Training Level I Trainer, TRX
Kettlebell Level I Trainer, KFIT USA
CPR/AED, American Red Cross

Myokinematic Restoration, Postural Restoration Institute (Dan Houglum, MSPT, ATC/L, PRC)
Shoulder Assessment, Corrective Exercise and Programming (Eric Cressey, CSCS)
Techniques to Rehabilitate and Protect the Knees (Brian Richey, MES, LMT)
Senior Strength & Conditioning (Guy Andrews, MA, CSCS)
Core Training for Seniors (Guy Andrews, MA, CSCS)
Functional Mobility Drills (Guy Andrews, MA, CSCS)
Dynamic Stretching: The Missing Link to Fitness, Athletic Performance, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation (Darrell Locket, MAT, ATC/L, LMT, CSCS, NSCA-CPT)
Integrated Postural Training (April Boulter, MS)
Functional Blood Chemistry & Nutrition, Functional Medicine Costa Rica (Ben House, PhD)