Today is a good day. For so many reasons, but also simply because I am healthy and happy today.

Nine months ago, I smoked my last cigarette. It was the last puff in a 21-year relationship with smoking. I thought I was just quitting a bad habit. I thought it would be hard. Turns out, it was pretty easy…the quitting smoking part. The hard part came when I realized my entire life had changed, was changing or was in need to change.

A new journey began that day for me. It’s a journey of getting really real with myself, figuring out what I stand for, finding my inner peace and discovering my happy. Along the way, I’m getting my certifications as a personal trainer and a health coach so that, soon, I can help you along your own journey.

So, let’s get to know each other. Here’s a little rundown on me: I’m a wife, daughter, sister and aunt…having kids never happened for me. I’m a loyal friend. A romantic. An optimist. Marketing was my previous career. I believe in telling it straight. Disappointment is the feeling that bums me out the most. I like to sweat. I hate grocery shopping, but I do it because I must. I require a lot of sleep…even more than I ever get. Reading is pleasure. Vacation can’t happen often enough. I’d rather listen versus talk. No matter how hard I try to curb the two, I have a sharp tongue and a sarcastic sense of humor. There is definitely a mind-body connection and you have to work out both. I love hot tea, palm trees and fresh sheets. I’ve proven it to myself that you have to put in the required work to achieve your desired result. Cats are awesome. Exercise is medicine. Second, third and fourth opinions are okay to seek. Ultimately, you can only ever truly rely on yourself. Every day is a gift. It’s wasted energy to dwell on things so, instead, what’s next? Oh, also…I am enough.

Most of all, I believe you have to own your shit, be kind to yourself and celebrate your you-ness. Join me here as I share my experiences and insights with you. I hope to be able to inspire, educate and motivate you to live a healthier life, a happier life.

Yay me for not smoking anymore.
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