Today is a good day. My throat hurts. I have a cough. My face feels like it’s cast in plaster. But this morning, my eyes opened and my feet hit the floor. So I’m making today a good day if it takes every last bit of ache-riddled strength I have.

I didn’t know what to write about today. I wanted to talk about addiction. DING. I wanted to talk about disappointment. DING. I wanted to talk about exercising when there’s only 20 free minutes in your day…or really just 10. About my wellness journey. DING. DING. About so many things. DING again.

But every time a first sentence was forming in my head on one of those topics, I…

DING, my email chimes. It’s offering me 15% off in the “FINAL HOURS OF CYBER MONDAY.” DING. Zappos doesn’t want me to forget that they have my “ticket to style and savings.” DING. That time it was The Container Store promoting FREE SHIPPING and the promise that they have a gift for everyone on my list.

Right about now, my list only has me on it and I’m asking for the ability to breathe through my right nostril. Oh, yeah. I’ve also been fairly good this year, so I wouldn’t mind a cooling off to the burn in my throat. Yup. But a red bow on that. OK? Thanks.

But seriously. What I’ve gotten stuck on thinking about today is excess. Excessive emails. Excessive push to buy. Want. Need.

It’s all just an offer to invite more stuff into my life. And I’m not about to buy into it. (No pun intended.) In fact, I’ve been purging my house of stuff. I’m stripping down to just the things we use and that have value to us. Everything else is fair game for donating, recycling, passing along to someone else or trucking off to the landfill.

This physical purging matches what I’ve been doing emotionally and psychologically over the past year. I made a big pile of my vises, guilt and fears. Then I lit it up bonfire-style. Since, I’ve continued fueling it with all those “shoulds” that jump forward in my mind throughout the day. I toss judgments, self-doubt and other negativity on it too.

Whether it’s a knickknack that’s occupying the physical space in my life or a self-depreciating thought that’s cluttering the oh-so-valuable mental space in my head, buh bye. I don’t want that stuff. If it doesn’t serve a positive purpose in my life, I’m done with it. Burn, baby, burn.

From this purging, I’m walking freer in my own house as well as in my own person. It won’t be a Merry Excessmas for me this year. Hey, Container Store! I have some stuff I want to FREE SHIP off to Timbuktu. Can you handle that?

(Disclaimer: No Christmas dreams were harmed in the writing of this blog post. I am buying gifts for my loved ones; however, my gift-giving theme this year is practicality. Thus, while I am participating in the near-unavoidable commercial avalanche of holiday excessiveness and I will have gifts to give, I can’t guarantee any recipient’s happiness with the underwear or kitchen utensils I might be putting under the tree.)