Today is a good day. I did that brilliant thing when you set your alarm…but set it for PM, not AM, so it never goes off. Thus, I slept in later than I wanted. But it felt good; I must have needed it.

So here’s what I had for my late breakfast. My favorite go-to smoothie.
It’s a blend of almond milk, lots of spinach, a few blueberries, a banana, a scoop of protein powder and a couple glugs of apple cider vinegar.


So yummy. Breakfast rocks. I love what it does for my energy. Plus it fires up the metabolism and gets the end-stage of digestive process moving (you know what I’m talking about).

According to a 2013 Harvard School of Public Health study, people who skip breakfast are usually hungrier during the day and eat more at night, which could lead to metabolic changes and heart disease. The lead author of the study said in an American Heart Association statement that not eating this vital first meal to start our day can lead to a bunch of risk factors like diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol and obesity. And could even lead to a heart attack.

Um, OK. I’ll have the oatmeal, please.

I’m thinking that many of us probably think our metabolism is similar to our digestion…it’s just waiting there for us to eat something and then it’s going to kick into gear and do it’s job. But it’s actually less of a system and more of a process. And it’s no slacker, our metabolism. It’s always working. Always monitoring. Always adjusting. (Just like that lady that lives inside my car’s GPS when I start ignoring the highlighted route.)

Our metabolism takes the nutrients we put in our body (the main ones being carbs, proteins and fats) and turns them into energy. When we starve or stress our bodies, our metabolism loves us so much that it goes into survival mode to protect us. And it’s good at it’s job. Storing energy because it doesn’t know exactly what we might need or when we’re going to get its tank filled up again. It’s our body hoarding calories, stockpiling energy in our muscle and liver tissues, but mostly in our fat cells. Which, yup, means packing on a pound or two.

Through this journey I’m on, I’ve really come to think of food as a source of energy. Yes, I like to eat yummy things and I totally sink my teeth into a cupcake or brownie now and again (though they never satisfy like how they used to). But as I began to put more kale and beans in my body, I craved less crap. My body loves healthy food now. True story.

I find myself craving fresh, healthy food just like I used to crave candy corn or cereal. In fact, now that I’m talking about it, I have a hankering for the Veggie Burrito Bowl I created over the summer. I’ll give you the recipe tomorrow.

Gotta go now because I want to hit the gym first before I head to the grocery store for the ingredients. I just decided I’m making it for dinner tonight. It’s going to be a delicious ending to a good day!